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What I’ve learned over the years. 

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 Look around & you'll get an idea of my personality and what I've been doing for 18 + years :).  

What I've learned in operating a dance company-


*Creativity is the name of the game

*It's so rewarding when your ideas ARE rewarded

*Skill sets you didn't know you had will surface

*Accidents & Mistakes can turns to magic

*Not everyone will like your style

*Everyone wants to feel beautiful & queenlike for a day or two....

*You will develop a sense of fearless-ness when challenged

*Shy students suddently become Divas on stage! What have I done?!

*Students (clients will express their desires)=more creativity...

*Don't start with a business plan, keep a simple vision & build gradually

*Don't give compliments away for free, they need to earn it

Arabian Nights Gig

Dear Universe, can we gig everyday?



Hyatt Hill Country 9.2013

“Belly Dance” is known in the Middle East as Raks Sharki (Rahks Sharr-kee) which literally means “dance of the East”, or “Oriental” dance. The name “belly dance” may have originated from the French phrase “danse du ventre” (dance of the belly) because of the movement of the torso. This label is inaccurate as Oriental dance involves movement of the entire body, with more emphasis on the hips than on the belly. Although the exact area of origin is controversial, what is acknowledged and agreed upon is that Oriental dance is one of the oldest dances still thriving today.

In the Middle East, people dance to express joy. There are also professional dancers who are hired to perform at weddings and other celebrations. In the West, dance is studied formally in classes; in the Middle East, children learn to dance from relatives and friends at social gatherings as a part of their culture.

A traditional Oriental dance performance consists of several musical changes. Depending on the performance venue, the dance show could consist of several parts (entrance/balady/taksim/drum solo/finale) or simply a couple of songs.

Oct. 2011. Gig@SW Research Institute

You don't have to show your mid-section to Belly Dance!

Little Egypt

Slowly, we learn to stop dancing, to stop singing, to forget the enchantment of story and to fill our lives with noise.  The irony is that advances in society--whether in science, technology, education, politics or the arts-are born from the generation of new ideas.  The fixedness of behavior and thought patterns block creativity.  This is sometimes humorously referred to as sychosclerosis' or hardening of the attitudes.
There has been a lot of research done on creativity.  The studies prove that everyone is capable of tapping into his or her creative spirit.  This finding contradicts the popular notion that innovation is only possible for the Gifted' or the Genius.
When someone is feeling ill, the shaman asks, "When did you stop dancing?"      (author: Amy Freedman)



Little Egypt & Jai Roots @ Luna April 20, 2012 (Friday)


Our Philosophy

Dance is good for the soul as it is for the body, so we created an environment where women are free and safe to explore their femininity, find their inner grace and revel in their beauty. We all deserve a chance to dance!


You will be in a  supportive, positive, and fun learning environment with encouragement. Focus is on body awareness, proper alignment and posture. We look forward to meeting you in class – "boom shaka boom baby! 


When the music is hot & the energy of the group engulfs the room, I feel a high I hope every dancer in the room shares with me.  For me dance is not cerebral, but highly emotional.  I hope my students find my classes to be an oasis in a world of stress, competition and struggle.

Zorba's 4.30.11

“Don't fear death, fear never beginning to live.”

Life going too fast? Seeking some organic healthcare?.....join us!


A strong woman wears the look of confidence on her
face.....but a woman of strength wears grace...

A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough
for the journey...
but a woman of strength has faith that
it is in the journey that she will become strong.

Dancing with grace should attract admiration not lust.




Kristin: Student/performer

"What is Belly Dance"?




Bellydancing is about sensuality not sexuality, but it is up to the individual to conduct herself/himself in a manner appropriate to the occassion.  We must strive to leave some things to ones own imagination, which in bellydance is beautiful, intimate & powerful.

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Workshops & Girls Night Out available!



Little Egypt & Co. will strive to make women feel, look, move & age gracefully!


We'll keep you updated on issues that will keep you out of 'The Box'.

So that you may free yourself from getting trapped into the daily routine of 'is this all there is?" The comfort zone is not all that it is cracked up to be, so explore new possibilities and allow us to share with you 'other ways to do & see things".  Sometimes, it's just about exposing yourself to new things & new people!


Starting with Bellydance was the right step in the new direction!


'Sometimes you have to shake up your life to feel alive again'!

Save the Environment -- B-come an Artist

Bellydancing & The Community: Shimmy for a Cause!



"It's a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it." 


_W. Somerset Maugbam

Mommy First..........

Drum Dance Fefst. '09





Research Scientist, Naja (Wife, Mother), believes in taking care of herself first before taking care of others. 

Sound familiar?  it might be the sign of the times.  Keeping a balance in ones life is very important.  Life's too short.

Discover Yourself
Embark on a creative journey to explore the Egyptian style of this exotic and invigorating form of dance. Bellydancing is a fun and sensual low-impact way to explore your inner beauty and grace as you improve circulation, reduce blood pressure, maintain joint health and burn calories.




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