Why My Dubai Chai?

1.  Very tasty

2.  Know what's entering your body

3.  Organic

4.  Cleanes your body

5.  It's like taking vitamins everyday

6.  Drastically reduces anxiety

7.  Take a break from coffee

8.  Drink it everyday or as a special treat

9.  Google: it is said that a King created 'chai' as a cleansing beverage

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7 servings

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Packet #1 Crush or Bang the seeds with a jar or bottle.

My Dubai Chai

~Chai Latte Packets~



What’s given to us naturally has been revived!.

Chai, also known as Chai Kadak  is currently the most popular hot drink in the UAE and Qatar. Its humble beginnings lie in South Asian countries of India and Pakistan. We decided to assimilate the whole spices which allow you to experience flavors that will relax and nourish your body......organically.


My Dubai Chai has an aromatic blend of Masala Black Tea, Spices, Milk and Sugar.

Enjoy whole seeds you can crush (right inside the packet, no special equipment) at home to optimize freshness, flavor and instant release of antioxidants! With this milk-infused deliciousness, the days of commercial packets are over. You’ll be surprised how delightful home-crushed seeds can taste. Coffee drinkers having issues with anxiety and craving a healthier, tastier alternative, this is it!

These packets are the next best thing to growing them in your backyard........simplified.




Packet #1: Coriander / Peppercorn / Cinnamon bark / Star Anise / Saffron flakes / Fennel / Cumin / Cloves / Green Cardamom

Packet #2: Masala black tea / Ginger Powder




Medium heat  1/2 C  water + 1/2 C  of your preferred Milk in a small pot

Crush or pound spice packet #1 directly in the packet with a bottle or jar.

Add packet #1  and stir for 1 min.

Add packet #2 + Sugar (2 TBLS**) and stir for approx. one minute.

Strain & enjoy!


**The spices & seed will make the tea a little bitter, so start with more sugar


Optional: Add a little cream for richer taste

                  Turn off heat & cover the pot for 1 min.

                  Use your favorite Latte method

                  Use your preferred milk & sweetner

                  Customize the recipe to your taste...it's worth it!

                  (this recipe is for a stronger, richer taste)***



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