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11.14.18  16th year & counting!

VFW Post 837 11.15.17    Our 15th anniversity Gig         Thank you

Student :Dr. Felicia Jackson (L) with Village Chief (center)


Little E & The Indian Community


Little Egypt & The Bantu Fundraiser : March 27, 2010

Next Bert's Backyard: Nov. 1, 2009 @3pm 3602 Ave. B.


Bert's Backyard; Sept. 6, 2009 @3pm 3602 Ave. B / Mulberry

78209; Donation / Free Parking


Bert's Backyard; June 7, 2009 @3pm; 3602 Ave. B / Mulberry

78209; Donation / Free Parking

!! does look pretty cool. I wonder what I was doing...
I had a great time and hope that the drum circles keep multiplying.
Can you pass along Joy's contact information? like her email or something... she is soo frikkin' funny and she paid for me to get a reading from Dwayne (psychic)! I need to thank her again.
Wellllll----> Thank You Little E, for letting me be.
.:P:. (Paloma) 9/09
Little Egypt




Peformance at Catholic Charities Fundraising Gala for the Refugee Re-settlement Program 2004. 


Where: Holiday Inn Select Airport, San Antonio, Tx







Bert's Backyard Booty Shakin' Festival Sweatdown!


It's our second time around!  Come out & Shake, Shake, Shake.  Located outside Little Egypt's Dance Co.'s Courtyard.  Drummers & Dancers and more......


Bring your percussion instrument or just come! Dress casual because you!hot!hot!


Vegetarian dish & organic Fuji Apple Juice.

Bert's Backyard June 7, 09
Art2Heart Kids

***********SHIMMY FOR A CAUSE!*************

Somali Bantu Association, San Antonio, Tx

My work with the Somali Bantu Refugees in SA

We help those who help themselves: Funding / Furniture / Clothing / Volunteer......Bantu Office Tours.........

"They that fight for freedom untertake the noblest cause mankind can have at stake"


The Somali Bantu, particularly those with a lineage to slavery, have endured discrimination and subjugation in Somalia for 200 years. During the recent war in Somalia, the Bantu were again the victims of violence in that country. Once arriving in Kenya as refugees in 1992, many of them stated their wish to resettle in their ancestral southeast African homelands. The Somali Bantu refugees have been actively seeking protection through third-country resettlement since 1993. Of the roughly 20,000 Somali Bantu refugees in Africa and Yemen, some 5,000 found refuge in Tanzania.

In 1999, the U.S. Government offered the remaining 12,000 Bantu refugees in Kenya the protection they had been seeking for over 10 years. The refugees will be settled in over 50 cities in 38 states. The federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) awards state governments and non-profit agencies grants to facilitate the refugees' integration into this country.

The initial objective:  to increase the knowledge and understanding of the service provider community about the Somali Bantus' history, culture and practical challenges in the United States. Secondary objectives: leadership training and promoting agricultural opportunities, among others, that help build strong families and communities.

For more info: Brenda K. McFarlane

Program Developer / Fundraiser



or.....Get Involved In A Leadership Program

Brenda K. (front, green shirt).

San Antonio Council for International Visitors



5150 Broadway #297

San Antonio, TX 78209


  Est. 1999




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