What's been given to us naturally has been controlled long enough.

With MY DUBAI CHAI we decided to assimilate natural spices which allows you to experience flavors that will also help you relax and enhance your senses.

Do you love Chai Tea?  Good, it's time for a delicious upgrade.  This is the next best thing to growing spices in your backyard.


Got Milk?......Got Sugar?

Then we're ready to go!


Packet #1. WHOLE  spices:  cinnamon sticks, cumin seeds, anise seed, fennel seeds, whole cloves, nepal cardomon, whole peppercorn, saffron.


Packet #2.  Masala Black Tea + Ginger powder.


Place 1/4 C water in small pot to start the boiling. When it starts to boil ADD 1 cup of whole milk.

          (for milkier flavor add more milk)

Smash spice bag with heavy object (glass bottle) to release oil / aroma.


Place Spice + Tea bags + SUGAR (2 TBLS)  in   boiling milk & stir constantly for approx. 2-3   mins.  Reduce heat, continue stirring.

Strain & Compost.  Thank you!



Don't forget to crush packet #2


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My specially formulated Chai Latte Packets; individually prepared to give you the ultimate satisfaction in TASTE*AROMA*QUALITY and

HEALTH BENEFITS. (see above for ingredients).


Excellent alternative for coffee drinkers.



Chai Latte Kit



Ind. serving        =   $3.00     

7  day supply       =  $17.80    ($2.55 per serving)

30 day supply     = $90.00   ($2.40 per serving)

90 day  supply    = $189.00 ($2.10 per serving)      210.410.3609  Questions? Ask us :)

1 Cup milk, if you prefer stronger taste


Chai Latte Tea kit from Brenda MCfarlane on Vimeo.


1.  Can I substitue whole milk for skim or lactose free?   



2.  Do I have to add water first?

It helps so you can see the water boiling & milk won't burn at bottom of pot.


3.  Can I use mortar & pestle?

Even better, yes.


4. What is Nepal Cardamom?

Also know as Black Cardamom; richer, smokier taste than green cardamom.


5.  Can I substitute or add to the ingredients?

If you have fresh ginger, thinly slice or shredd a little to the pot.


6. Do I have to have breakfast first?

Nope, you can enjoy your chai first thing in the a.m.


7.  Do I need to put the milk before the tea in the pot?

It really doesn't matter, just don't forget to add sugar with it.


Anything other tips?

Place your finished cup or glass in warm/hot water or wash right away since the residue can become sticky :)




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