There has been a lot of research done on creativity.  The studies prove that everyone is capable of tapping into his or her creative spirit.  This finding contradicts the popular notion that innovation is only possible for the ‘gifted' or the ‘genius.
When someone is feeling ill, the shaman asks, "When did you stop dancing?"

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San antonio News: Little Egypt
San Antonio News: Little Egypt

Little Egypt started her classes in San antonio, Tx. with "Purely Physical Fitness Center".


Born in Tacoma Washington and spending her childhood in Vietnam & Korea where her father owned several businesses including a restaurant & automotive / limousine shop, Brenda is quite aware of and very comforable with cultural diversity. 


After jet-setting for two major carriers (Continental & Southwest Airlines) for eleven years, she decided it was time to settle down to more 'earthy' committments.


Why Bellydancing?  It had all the elements I was looking for: grace, low impact, culture & great form of excercise!


Who encourage you?  My sister, who taught bellydancing in Pasadena, CA. told me to give it a try.  She told me it had wonderful fitness benefits and I would get hooked on the music.  She was right!


What are you proud of? Helping ladies stay connected to their femininity & reminding them how strong they really are.


How long have you been teaching? Since 1999


Any funny moments? Drove to Houston, Tx for a 'Belly Dance' Competition and found out it was a 'Ballet'  Dance Competition.  I was the only one in the room barefoot & showing my stomache! Luckily me boyfriend had a great sense of humor and we both had a good laugh.


What have you learned? It's how you work it! (in life).


What do you want students to know?  There's a huge difference between sexuality vs. sensuality.


What else do you want ladies to know? Find some excercise form you enjoy and stick with it (movement is so important)!



Jaz Harris; Colon Therapist to the Stars



Little Egypt's sister, Jaz Harris who lives in Glendale, CA. who not only teaches/performs bellydancing has her own business catering to celebrities "Colon Therapist to the Stars".  Her company, Water's Gift just outside of L.A.


5150 Broadway #297

San Antonio, TX 78209


  Est. 1999




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