Hello Fellow Earthlings,

Earth*Glo is a simple recipe with huge benefits & results.  

These days you better know your ingredients!  The economy isn’t that great and everybody’s cutting corners.  We’re only adding the Good Stuff because if you look at most product ingredients, the ‘fillers’ outweigh  the core products.


Body Smoothie: SheA Butter (yellow) / Coconut oil / Peppermint oil / Vitamin E / Tea Tree oil (2 oz.)

SheA Face Cream:  SheA Butter (white) / Coconut oil / Beeswax / Spearmint oil / Vitamin E (10g)

Blush: Australian Red Reef Clay / Coconut oil / Vitamin E (5g)

Blush instructions - Use sparingly!  A tiny bit on your fingertip goes a long way.  If you have extra dry skin, apply extra moisturizer first and then rub till you reach your desired bronzer, blush or lipstick enhancer results.

FREE Soap Nut : Google Soap nut and read about how wonderful soap berry is used in Nepal & India to wash clothes, face, body…….  I’ve been using it for awhile now and love it.  Dilute it in water and watch the suds! I'm including one FREE nut so you can try before you buy.  It's a great conversation piece and earth saver.

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