that was one of the most amazing days of my life!

Thank you for all the love and energy you brought!

R.      8.19.15

Hello Brenda,

I hope all is well!
Its me, Jennifer Blocker and I want to let you know that you really have a good thing at your dance studio for students and performers, I am grateful and I miss it.
I have been having a fun time getting back into modeling, (honestly, it was because of you and your studio and your encouragement to women and allowing us to perform.)
Thank you Brenda. I hope you might let me do a drop in sometime if I can get back to San Antonio and mostly...thank you!
By the way, I really, really, really look forward to finishing my Army Service Obligation in 19 months!
p.s. the modeling is mostly because of YOU and the fun I had with your troupe!!!



Good afternoon Brenda,

How are you doing?  I hope you are doing well and that you are still making the dream of being graceful and utterly fabulous a reality for many women.  I've dreamt of belly dancing with Little Egypt 3 nights in a row now.  They were really happy dreams.  It's good to reflect back on those moments and remember how free the art made me feel.  I just wanted to drop you a note and see how you are doing.  I hope to be able to drop by again soon. 





VFW Thanksgiving Luncheon 2012





I want to express our sincerely appreciation to you for helping us bring a little job to our disabled vets.  You did great and everyone enjoyed having you.  Thank you.





Hi, Brenda,

I had such a good time at the NACE gala and want to thank you for including me in the dance group. The setting was beautiful, and the pace enjoyable. I learned a lot about working with my veil even though I managed to get it tangled one time. I was happy to have avoided the candle flames at any rate.


Christine C.

Thank you so much for making Diwali SA 2012 a wonderful success!! It is because of your time and hard work in presenting quality and crowd pleasing items that has made us one of the most popular events to attend in San Antonio.  I personally heard from dignitaries and people in the crowd that the performances on all 3 stages were top notch!!

We hope to have your continued support year after year and I look forward to working with you all again!

Take care,


HI Brenda -

I have to tell you we are just loving our classes with you!

It's the best thing we have done in a long time.  The dancing relieves stress while getting the blood flowing! 

We loved the bindis you provided us today in class - it was a treat and really made us feel special.  Thanks for all you do for us!

Attached is the photo we took today after class.  Wish it was a little better, but we will take more next week!

Kellie (Site Leader-Medical Center) 7.2012


Brenda, this photo is AWESOME!
Thank you again!  (and please thank all the wonderful dancers)
I have thought so much about how perfect you all were. 
What FUN all the young people had!
I hope you all get a TON more requests after this!  I hope you all become the “official high school homecoming pre-party entertainment”! 
Looking at the photo the young man to your right is the one whose brother has just been diagnosed with cancer and is receiving treatment at MD Anderson in Houston .  This photo and others have already been sent to his brother and parents in Houston to give them a smile!
I meant it with all my heart when as you left Saturday night I said, “thank you….it was about so much more than your wonderful dancing!”
You brought a real sense of fun/laughter/joy to these kids!
Have a great week!
(M.) 9.24.11


you are an excellent teacher. We love taking your classes - and being that I am Egyptian I am very picky on our belly dance instructors. I know what proper belly dancing is. I do not find many professional skilled belly dancers, such as yourself, in San Antonio. You are able to alter your teaching style from beginners to advanced students very well. You broke it down to simple terms when working with my 4 year old beginner, but where still able to help me perfect my belly dancing techniques - even though I have danced for over 15 years. My daughter and I just love your studio and you. As long as you keep offering children's classes I will definitely keep bringing her to you, and will be continuing with you for helping me perfect my moves. 
 Dinah E.


November 2011


Hi Brenda,

Great class! You are a really great teacher. I learned many new things in class Thursday that I hadn't tried before and I really liked the way you begin and end the class with hand movements. As I mentioned before, I don't have a lot of experience, I only took a few classes while I lived in California with two different teachers. I don't remember them teaching about hand movements, so getting to learn them in your class was a real treat, especially since you taught them in a slower pace as part of the warm up and cool down, making it easy to catch on. I never even knew about cobra hands, so that was really cool. I look forward to taking the next class. I think Friday mornings will work great for me. I'll remember to bring my zills next time.

See you next week,

Have a wonderful weekend.

GH (student 3/2012)



Hi Brenda,

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. It was such a catchy song and I really enjoyed dancing to it. :)

You are a great teacher, by the way. I look forward to coming to class every week. I've felt a little more confident and bold in my life since I started. It's nice. :)

Have a great week!

~Stephanie (student)




AWESOME!!! I'm so proud of you Brenda! You have been through a lot, but have made a wonderful impact on so many lives. I love how you teach, not just dance, but a way of thinking--a way life. American women need to be reminded of our power, not because we can dominate in the workforce or do a man's job, but because we are lovely being feminine.  Thank You!!!


Bill with his wife Pat (very top)

The gig pictures are beautiful! I love that you included that picture of Bill. I'm sure he'll have fun showing it to all his co-workers.  Seriously, though, It's such a privilege to be a part of events like this that are so important in peoples' lives. We really made this a par-tay! God bless ya for being such a photo journalist, so we can all look back when we're 80 and remember when we were young. (54 is young!) Who needs glasses, anyway? I can see everything I need to see!
Pat (7/2011)
I definitely want to purchase a print of that pic of Bill







That's amazing what you're doing with my Diva picture! 

 The way that your promote the joyous celebratory non-overt-sensuality is a HUGE reason why I like your teaching style and your studio too Brenda! It is very womanly and very appropriate for all groups of audiences too! :)


Jen B. 9.2011


Dear Brenda,
 Do you remember me?  Beth who you inspired in 2003-2004 and I moved to Oregon.  I was admiring your website.  It's wonderful!  Unfortunately I haven't been doing much dancing lately.  And I'm panicking because I have a solo performance in two weeks!  I just can't figure out what I want to do.  Do you know any songs that are 4 minutes or less and have a combination of a short drum solo and a seductive part?  I have so many songs but I just can't find one that inspires me.
Thanks so much.  I miss taking your classes.  You truley are a stunning dancer.
Beth 9.10.11


“Hello Brenda! i have a group in Mexico. I was living in San Antonio a couple years ago, and i saw one of your classes i like it so much. My wishes were to be part, but unfortunatly i had to back to mexico. But i ll hope back soon for vacations, i would like to take a classes with you !!”

Patricia. 9.2011

Brenda, I watched her on youtube and watched you on youtube and it's a stunning and dramatic difference in they style and presentation between the both of you. I think your teaching style is welcoming and encouraging and your performance style is so appealing to watch, really engaging and mysterious at the same time. So, I think I will just try to schedule a monthly or bi-monthly individual session rather than take an extra class with someone else.
Jen (July 2011)


Hope you're well, Just like to thank you for wonderfull event you guys made.. everyone was talking about it, just got back from honeymoon now i am back in England.  Thank you so much :)
Gilani (The Groom 6/2011)

I go into music, art and creativity to explore the other side of myself. Maybe that is the part that goes insane if we don't use it.

It is more and more important for me to go into the creative side. Many things are changing for me and this is one of them.

Tom B.

Hi, Brenda.
I want to wish you a happy birthday and thank you for all that you do to give us all a happy, welcoming place to dance. Now when I say I'm going to my happy place, I can really go!
Pat M.

Hilton Hotel Gig 6.2011





Yea, We did it! Thank you for the beautiful pictures and encouraging feedback! 


Pat M.




Welcome to Little Egypt Jennifer!


Thank you Brenda who encouraged and taught us, who demonstrated and invited us to join and thank you Viv, who helpd us understand that we have more to our core bodies than just the six pack and that we can do so much more for ourselves with belly dancing, (I hope it was Viv I hope I didn't miss your name!) This was my first time to try, I didn't know if I could but, I know that I will be back for more! Thank you for the special offer for those who attended today. That made me make sure to join today! I already knew I wanted to so, your offer was a very sweet bonus! Brenda thank you for your good, encouraging energy. The room definately seemed to sway when all of us were doing the four step with hip sway! HOW fun. ;) There were some folks in the room who already are mesmerizing, very nice to watch and do.



I'd forgotten just how playful veils are. I like it that you
are trying to make the fabric look its ethereal, magical best.

Thank you to Little e and Paloma for the lesson on Thursday! I
am looking forward to Saturday.
Jen B.



Francisco (R) & Friend

 "I mean...uuhm, I watched you dance the last time I was in San Antonio, but nothing compares to this mastery piece. I am simply wordless."


Francisco Kalwiji  (Luanda, Angola  / Duke Univ.)

 I can hardly believe it's been 2 years already, the time seems to be flying by.
Sometimes I feel like I don't even know how to thank you for helping me realize my dream of being a dancer. I really do appreciate all that you share with me an look forward to learning more with you.
.Paloma. 2.2011





Hey, Brenda, class on Saturday was so much fun. I loved it, and the Sangria was a bonus! You're just FULL of surprises!
Pat (3.2011)

"I was just there a couple of months ago and stopped by the restaurant's (both of them.) I was really excited about the growth and tried to catch Syngman and Barbara but they were out. Your company looks really exciting too !! .It is just soo you..Good fortune all around your family. Stay in touch Brenda."

Reuben Harris & Family (3.2011)

Hi, Brenda,
Thanks so much for sending the gig pictures - and thanks to Patty for taking them! I love the picture where I am bring the veil up from behind. It show the costum really well - and I look so happy. That's how dancing is supposed to be, and that's why I'm with Little Egypt now.


Pat (3.24.11)

Hi Brenda, Paloma & Patti,

We truly enjoyed your performance Saturday and David said that he will always remember it.  Our small group had a great time and we appreciated your accommodation for making this happen on such short notice!  Your costumes were gorgeous!

I really do want to take a class and will be calling you to find out your schedule!  Take care and wish you all the success!

Pat (Client 10/2010)



I know you don't hear this enough from us that have been coming to your class on a regular basis. This was a great class. I mean it was BAD A_ _!
I really did enjoy it. My thighs and butt is screaming "glory", but my mind is saying "give her more."
Makena (Student/Instructor) 1.11.11



We've had a long journey together. I treasure that.
That's wonderful about Groupon...glad it worked out.
See you tomorrow night.
Susan L. (10.7.10; student since 1999)

I haven't taken a moment to say "Thank You" for introducing me to Belly Dancing.  Although I could not continue with you at Little Eqypt, because the distant of 50 miles round trip is a bit tasking right now, I am taking it at the community college near my home.  I do hope that one day I can come back -  in the meantime it is a joy to see you and your beautiful dancers at the local shows and your continued communication with me through these newsletters and emails still make me feel part of Little Eqypt's family.  My husband and I saw you at the Jump Street theater show in Oct and thought you were the absolute picture of grace and sensuality in representing the beauty of this art. 

Once again, Thank you

A devoted fan and student,  Vivian (2011)
Hello Brenda,
     I just forwarded your e-mail to my sister. I was telling her about you today while we were driving around together. I was saying what a fresh breath of air you are in my bellydance world here in San Antonio and then poof, comes this lovely e-mail with good thoughts. :) Keep inspiring everyone Brenda, it is so nice!
Leith   ( July 2010

There you are! There weren't enough photos of you on the site! You're the best!

Linda W.
Hi Brenda,
that makes alot of sense to me.  I chose your school because I felt a Karma there and so I will trust your judgement as my instructor to help me be the best I can be in this art.  I want you to know that I will always go "above and beyond" the call of duty to give it my best (just can't get that military out of me! - spent 22 years there - still operate under that mode! hahhaha)
See you on Friday
Viv (Student 2010)

"Sure missed you on Saturday.  I actually performed for the first time since last May.  trying to get some exposure and a foot in the door with the local dance studio.  
you've taught me so much!  wow, I REALLY missed you."

Candice (ex-student, Wisconsin)July 2010


Thanks Brenda, I needed this reminder. I really hate my body and my looks, but I have to accept myself the way I am. It is hard when you have had other people (people you love) tell you you don't look good enough.

anyway, thanks! (Student July 12, 2010)




Dear Brenda and Staff,

Thank you for showing me such an enjoyable time today!  I felt so comfortable and in-tune to your class - even though I must have looked like a baby teradactile on a first flight (smile).  The music and the atmosphere were beautiful.  It was an spiritual experience.  Looking forward to next week!  Have a great weekend


Vivian (July 2010)

PS We  loved the protein drinks - will have to check with you about it


I never was one who like working out or even watch my food intake. Little Eygpt is my saving grace. I am so eager to get to class.

Brenda you have a beautiful spirit, and I hope to one day perform with you.

Elizabeth C. (student, March 2010)


Hi Brenda,


I am doing well.  Thank you!!! 


Just want you to know that I think you are such a beautiful dancer.  Particularly, your arms are full of elegance and grace and I appreciate your classy, Egyptian style of dancing.  Just entirely beautiful!!! 

And I also want to tell you that I'm deeply touched by your comment and compliment.  That means a lot to me...that you have confidence in me.  One day, I do wish to perform with you all...very much so...dancing is my passion....and performing is my desire.  And it would be an honor for me to do so, no doubt!!!


In the inter rim I look forward to learning, learning, learning....getting back in shape, building muscle memory and building/owning confidence in me....  


Thank you for all you do, Brenda!

What you do and how you do beautiful!!!!  

Kelly C. (Student; Jan.2010)



You are an exceptional woman. It is obvious that your upbringing, culture and creativity has developed you into a beautiful human being. You did two things for me last night:

you reminded me of something wonderful in my past and you stroked my creative passion to start to dance again.


Dr. Diana Hardy

Founder/CFO: Ask BMS & MD Healthcard (11/2009)



Thank you.  You know what I liked about last evening?  I liked how you had each of us touch something beautiful inside ourselves.  Good teachers teach beyond the subject material.  It's one thing to have a sweaty dance class on technique.  It's quite another to teach a women of all ages, shapes and sizes to embrace that which is lovely inside.  I was wondering if I was projecting this about your teaching style this morning, and then I read this.  Nope, I wasn't.  You are an excellent teacher.  Thank you!   Ritha (student)



Thank you for following up.  The performance was beyond expectations and very well received by all our guests.  Everyone told us they loved it.  I am pretty busy with travel over the next couple of weeks but when I get back I will see about the video.  We have not seen it yet.  If there is something you all would like to use I am OK with sending you a copy.  Check back with me in mid February.


Thanks,  Rex (Client)


Have a great week and thanks for inspiring me into getting beautiful, inside and out!!
take care,
Danielle (Student)

Hello Ms. Brenda,


It's been a while since my daughter and I attended your class due to scheduling and financial issues, but we both miss you.  It was alot of fun and we plan on visiting again real soon.   Kai has a lot of interest in bellydancing and has had me purchase a belly dancing video, for her to keep up practice, however, it is nothing even close to your level of perfection.   So we will definetly be coming back to your class.  Please keep up the good work.


Tammie Rhine (Student)

Hi Brenda,

That is so wonderful that you are dancing full time now!  That is a dream come true.  You are such a beautiful dancer....I'm sure you will be very successful. 


After I left San Antonio, I started teaching a bellydance class as you suggested.  I now have a troupe named "Soul Fire Sisters" located in Estacada, Oregon.


I want to thank you for being such an inspiration to me.  Your encouragement and support was so important.  Please keep in touch.  Take care.

Beth Syvinski, (Your Bellydance student, 2004)



How is it that something I enjoy morphs into an item on my "To Do" list that seems to overwhelm me?


I enjoyed yesterday's class.  I liked practicing technique- especially snake arms - and the veil walk & turns were fun too!  


Sarah Swinney (Bellydance Student)


You area  very elegant dancer.   I enjoy seeing you dance. 
I looked at the calendar and I should be able to go to your drum event again November 1st, 2009.
Atheena (Professional Bellydancer, SA, Tx) 9/09

HI Brenda!

Hey, very nice!  You are giving Shakira a run for her money!

You are quite good, and visuallly the effect of your long hair and arms and body undulating is quite beautiful.  I must say.  And could that setting be any more dramatic?  It looked a bit like an ancient outdoor temple or palace--how theatrical!

You are absolutely mahhhvelous dahhling, simply mahhhvelous.


Those first few seconds where you are alone in the twilight of the


stones and pillars of the Temple of Delphi, absolutley killlllllaaaa :-)


You deliciously swet and beautiful apparition, you!


smoooooooches and hugggggs,   -ljb (Lake Tahoe, NV)


hi brenda,

we really appreciate you coming on short notice.  it was a classy performance enjoyed by all, especially our 2 year old.

Richard (Client)


Hi Brenda,

I've been taking occasional study breaks from my biochem test and practicing my 1,001 Nights routine you're teaching us.  I thought you'd enjoy seeing the notes I took in class--I'm with the group at the UT Health Science Center, and I usually wear a t-shirt and silly purple bike shorts.  My little French kitty can't quite figure out what I'm doing, she just stares at me and I have to go around her:)  By the way, my Mom had me take ballet classes as a litttle girl and I was so bad at it that the teacher wouldn't let me participate in half of the end -of- the-year class routine, so I'm overjoyed to finally be having fun dancing.  Thanks for everything.



Hi Brenda,

What can I say!....I had a great time and YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!

 I definitely want to get to know you better... and hopefully we can do some things together musically.  Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoyed you at the SA2SA Festival...we had great fun!

Lorraine Lemon (Art2Heart Org. "Journey Musical Director") 10.9.06


Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!  Please tell me if I can send a payment to your staff and where.  I was so surprise to see you but extremely happy! We really need to get together and do lunch or something.  Or come to New Braunfels and just visit.  You are a wonderful friend.

Thanks again for making my birthday so special!




I really enjoyed our conversation last night and look forward to chatting with you again soon. I loved your studio and I loved watching you dance, though I didn't get to see much, your grace is evident. 
Ciao for now. Anya  10.09

Brenda McFarlane (Owner)

"I love the fact that people of all ages come to Little Egypt & Co. for their workout & to learn the art of bellydancing.   People come here to 'Dance/work out & feel a sense of balance in their hectic lives"and have a good time. The atmosphere is very private & cozy. 


Thanks for all your support.







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